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The Early History Of Bricks

The previous blog article discussed the susceptibility of brick and mortar to water damage. This discussion delved into the characteristics of residual hydration, such as rising damp for example, in masonry and cause and effects around masonry building assemblies and susceptibility to water damage. Brick… Read More »The Early History Of Bricks

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Brick Bond Types Part II

Last week we explored the reasons, cost and advantages and history of brick bonds, as elements of building facades.  This week, we continue with that topic, but go into more detail about the structural advantages of wythe crossing rowlocks and more ornate and arduous brick… Read More »Brick Bond Types Part II


Types of Brick Bonds

In this article we are examining and exploring the reasons, Cost and advantages and history of brick bonds.  This article is the first in a series of articles on brick bonds. Most historic buildings in Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and other parts of Washington,… Read More »Types of Brick Bonds