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Masonry Tuckpointing Contractors In Capitol Hill


Infinity Design Solutions is your go to Tuckpointing Contractor in the Washington, DC area. Our team has the tools and the experience to do your masonry job right the first time! We encourage you to read more below to learn the process and give us a call if your mortar is cracking or crumbling.

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Servicing & Restoring the Historic Buildings of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC - Watch Our Video!

Historic Masonry Restoration in Capitol Hill

Washington, DC is an extremely beautiful historic city. Even small buildings which are not national monuments are a part of that historic architectural fabric, an essential part of the beauty of Washington, DC. We recognize and appreciate the historic, classic value, and unique masonry of our city.

Fixing Historic Buildings With The Right Materials

Most of buildings and structures in the Capitol Hill section of Washington, DC were built near or over 100 years ago. Masonry and brick work industries have evolved greatly over the past century, and it is important to understand the various materials and elements used in each development in masonry. Infinity Design Solutions can restore and repair  facades, walls, chimneys, foundations, and stone or brick retaining walls in Washington, DC.. We work with a variety of historic materials including lime mortar, kiln fired clay brick, ashlar and rubble stone masonry, terra cotta historic facade embeds, slate dampproof course (DPC’s), and many other historic elements.

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Damaged chimney washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
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Our Brick Tuckpointing Services


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Chimney and Fireplace Tuckpointing

Preserving Historic Homes With The Correct Lime Mortars

Historically, lime mortars were created through a process of burning, slaking, and proper maturing. Lime was and, in our work today, still is, one of the essential components of historic mortar restoration. Lime and Niagara mortars are different to modern cement and concrete, and even most common modern pozzolanic and hydraulic cements. That difference is important, as the common suppliers only supply mortars which will critically damage historic brick. Only quality driven and local DC specialists such as ourselves can provide and install the correct lime mortars to preserve these historic buildings. We are based and focused here in Washington, DC, and that makes an invaluable difference.

Infinity Design Solutions provides Masonry Tuckpointing Services in the following Washington, DC areas:

IDS Knows The Correct Techniques To Restore Historic Masonry Tuckpointing

  • Two of the main classifications of historic masonry are low temperature kiln fired brick masonry and tapestry brick masonry. The principles of our work are based on the conservation, restoration, and preservation of heritage and historic buildings and monuments. The roots of these technologies are ancient, yet largely lost over time. In our case we have learned the proper quality techniques of heritage masonry restoration through years of experience and training.

How Long Should Your Tuckpoint or Restoration Last?

  • Point up, tuckpoint, repointing, or brick tuck pointing is the process of removing damaged or deteriorated brick mortar joints. There are many companies that offer pointing and masonry contractor services but very few which are specialists in historic brick pointing and restoration. This process is required to revitalize a historic facade and prevent ingress of water, moisture, and ice, which lead to accelerated deterioration. Without tuckpointing, the seasonal freeze-thaw cycles can debilitate a masonry facade over time. We can help, and when this work is done correctly, it can last as much as another 50+ years.

We Provide Custom Tuckpointing Serivices For Your Historic Capitol Hill Home & Buildings

  • For tuckpointing in Washington, DC and brick repair the contractor must be familiar with the proper brick and masonry methodologies to repair brick masonry properly. Particularly in historic buildings, it is important to use specific mortar which is unique to the age of the brick and will not damage the facade. Our company has extensive experience restoring masonry properly in Washington, DC, and are capable of creating custom solutions which will maintain the integrity of your historic home brick work. We can provide options for both spot pointing and wholesale facade repointing, we work with both common joints and with the pressed brick mortar joints commonly found at front facades.

Infinity Design Solutions also provides services for Interior brick pointing work. See some examples of tuck pointing work below restoring the exposed brick interior. We can provide residential tuckpointing and commercial tuckpointing.

Other Common Questions About Tuckpointing?

1. What is the expected lifespan of properly done tuckpointing?

  • When tuckpointing is done correctly, it can last as much as another 50+ years. Properly re-pointing the mortar joints helps to strengthen the structure and ensure its longevity, providing long-term protection against water damage and wear and tear.

2. What are the consequences of not performing tuckpointing on old brick structures?

  • If tuckpointing is not performed on old brick structures, the damaged or deteriorated mortar joints can allow water, moisture, and ice to enter the building. This can lead to accelerated deterioration of the structure over time, compromising its stability and potentially causing further damage.

3. Why is tuckpointing necessary for preventing water damage?

  • Tuckpointing is necessary for preventing water damage because damaged mortar joints can allow water to infiltrate the structure. By re-pointing these joints, tuckpointing helps to seal any openings and prevent water from seeping in, thus protecting the building from potential water damage.

4. How does tuckpointing help hide the evidence of wear and tear on buildings?

  • Tuckpointing has often been used to hide the evidence of wear and tear on buildings. By re-pointing the mortar joints, it can give the appearance of a well-maintained and sturdy structure, effectively concealing the signs of deterioration.

5. What is the purpose of tuckpointing in relation to old structures made of brick?

  • Tuckpointing is an essential part of good masonry for old structures made of brick. It involves re-pointing mortar joints that may have been damaged, which helps prevent water from entering the structure.


Our Team Can Access All Areas Of Your Home

Our company is also trained in accessing the high up and hard to reach places on buildings and limiting the spread of dust, professionally. We have a variety of equipment including specialty scaffolding and boom lifts. In addition to the building facades, the rooftop chimneys are a critical component. Chimneys have a greater exposure to wind and precipitation. Infinity Design Solutions can restore all exterior masonry components including the chimney flaunching, crowns, flashing, spark arrestors, and capping.

Infinity Design Solutions in Washington, DC can restore and repair masonry foundations and stone or brick retaining walls. We work with a variety of historic materials including kiln fired clay brick, ashlar and rubble stone masonry, terra cotta historic façade embeds, slate, DPC’s, and many other historic elements. We also work with the principles of waterproofing foundations and brick walls.

Leverage Our Experience To Get Your Job Done Right The First Time!

With decades of combined experience working on tuckpointing and historic projects in and around the Capitol Hill & Dupont Circle areas of Washington, DC, Infinity Design Solutions is leading the way in historical preservation. We specialize in the unique historic aspects of masonry construction in and are trained with the methods and techniques required to protect these facades from often devastatingly destructive modern methods and materials. With our specialized revitalization work, we can prevent cracking, spalling and water infiltration for years to come.

Building owners and homeowners can learn a lot more about the process of proper quality masonry restoration from our blog. On our blog, you can learn more about the brick construction, techniques, historical processes, restoration and preservation.

We talk about brick matching, structural load-bearing walls, window and door headers, architectural facade ornamentation, visual appeal, color matching, traditional methods, upkeep and maintenance, common points of structural failure and prevention, and much more.

These things are what makes Infinity Design Solutions different from the rest.

We Offer Free Estimates & Are Happy To Answer Any Questions You Might Have

If you are unsure about the condition of your building’s brick and mortar feel free to reach out to us. We are known for working with our customers on a personalized and customized approach. We can give candid and honest opinions that may be able to help inform the planning and repair decisions you make to care for your building.

Some Of Our Tuckpointing Restoration Before & After Pictures

full-view-tuckpointing-restoration-washington-dc full-tuckpoint-restoration after-tuckpoint-restoration-washington-dc
wall-before-tuckpoint-restoration tuckpointing-wall-restoration before-tuckpointing-restoration
wall-tuckpoint-work-washington-dc wall-tuckpoint-washington-dc-restoration masonry-tuckpoint-restoration-washington-dc
tuckpointing-old-chimney chimney-tuckpointing