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Carpentry in Washington, DC

Infinity Design Solutions provides framing and carpentry services in Washington, DC, ranging from rough framing of floors, walls and ceilings to trim carpentry, and cabinet and door installation and construction of decks and porches. Our team includes experienced and trained carpenters in Washington, DC with the skills to repair and make the elements of your building better.

Carpentry in Washington, DC is such a wide and varied discipline that if you have questions on whether we can help you with your particular needs, just let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

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rebuilt door in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

In the photo to the left, you can see an example of one door which we rebuilt at the rear egress entrance of a condominium building in Washington, DC. This particular building has 6 similar doors all which all were rebuilt by our team.

This particular project was just one of many cases where we have worked to undo recently completed work by flippers who were working too fast and skipped important steps to install proper waterproofing and flashing membranes at all openings of the building.

We recommend using a framing and carpenter in Washington, DC who is experienced and skilled in the areas of waterproofing and water diversion. The roof and facades of the building are critically important areas in terms of water entry prevention. Even though that work simply sounds like work to be handled by a waterproofing specialist, all too often, at door and window openings, this type of work is instead done by carpenters without specialized cross-training on the various disciplines of construction. Our company, Infinity Design Solutions in Washington, DC on the other hand, is skilled and trained both in carpentry and in water entry prevention systems and flashings at doors and windows.

In the images below, you can see photos which show the before, during, and after work of our team to repair the historic stylobate and column base at the prominent front porch of a Capitol Hill home.

rebuilt column in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

This photo shows a beautiful Capitol Hill front entry door that had simply not been refinished for many years. On the left you can see the before and on the right, you can see the after photo of our work.

door rebuilt in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Framing Carpentry in Washington, DC

Framing carpentry includes the rough construction of walls, floor systems, roof systems and ceilings. The image collage to the right shows work here in Capitol Hill. Both images on the right side of the collage show kitchens that were framed and built by our team. Framing is an essentially important step in the construction process because it sets the stage for all of the rough-ins and finishes that are built in the successive stages of the project.

Framing Carpentry in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
sky light in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

The image to the left shows the framing of a skylight well, by our team, on a taper to allow for maximum light entry into the space.

Infinity Design Solutions understands Washington, DC buildings. This is a historic city and our buildings were built in a dense layout which never allows for quite enough natural light. But using skylights and solar tubes, in a well built roof, there are options to bring natural light into the building in a healthy way.

At this particular skylight you can also see we took extra effort to make sure that good thermal insulation was installed to keep the house warmer in the winter. This is important, especially where attics are built with cross-ventilation.

Exterior Decks and Fencing in Washington, DC

Our team can provide a wide variety of options for exterior wood decks and fencing. Outdoor space is limited and invaluable in Washington, DC. Adding or improving an existing deck or porch can improve your use of an outdoor space immensely.

The image below shows a deck that our team built at the rear of a home in Capitol Hill. This deck was custom designed to allow for access to the garage under the house and allow for an additional parking space for an additional vehicle. The deck is built with a double saddled girder cut into a shoulder post with structural hardware to stabilize and support the deck.

deck n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

It is a good idea to use a well managed and experienced carpentry company in Washington, DC to build a deck. A lot of less experienced contractors in Washington, DC believe they can build decks; however, most decks built in Washington, DC will not actually pass a building inspection. Rules and code requirements have changed and been updates at almost every iteration of issuance of the Washington, DC building code. These changes have been a reactive solution to the vast number of improperly built deck and porches. The carpentry is not actually that complicated but it is important to use an experienced contractor such as Infinity Design Solutions in Washington, DC, because we have training and experience in the details of the building code related to deck carpentry.

Decks can be designed and built in a vast variety of shapes and forms and configurations and with a vast variety of different materials.

Infinity Design Solutions in Washington, DC offer design services to help you select the options which will allow you to use your space the way you like, optimizing the features that work best for you.

This is one area, among many, in which it will help to talk to us. Clients should think about features they are interested to have and we can help our clients then best decide their final selections.

carpentry n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

An additional carpentry service offered by our company is to install and build pergolas. See an example in the large pergola seating area in Washington, DC shown below. Similar to deck and fence construction, modern or historic designed pergolas can really improve the use and aesthetic of an outdoor space

pergola n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
wood fence n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
wood gate n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Infinity Design Solutions in Washington, DC can custom build yard fences of almost any variety. Common fence materials available include pressure treated southern yellow pine, knotty red wood, western cedar, and some others natural varieties. In Washington, DC fences, in some cases, can be built up to 7′ above ground. The photo collage below shows a variety of some of the great many different options available.​As well, alley vehicle gates can be built to be strong and function well. In the adjacent image you can see a wood gate built with a steel frame for extra strength.

carpentry n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Custom Built-ins

Infinity Design Solutions can custom create wood millwork built-ins to fit your space. From cubbies, shelving, closets, to wall panels, many options are available to improve the aesthetic and functional use of your space. Similar to wall panels, as well, we would be happy to help with installation of wood floor finishes. More info about floor finishes can be found at our service page on Building Interiors. ​

custom built-ins in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
custom built-ins in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Reach out to us and start a conversation​

We would be glad to be your General Contractor of choice for all your flat roofing, masonry, carpentry, ironwork, building interiors, windows, and design services.