Stone Masonry


Brownstone is a type of sandtone rock, generally of Hummelstown brownstone origin in the historic Washington DC neighborhoods.  The word brownstone is often used to denote a type of building, but in most cases they are just late century rowhomes. At the following link, you… Read More »Brownstone

Granite stone

Granite stone is an igneous rock, found throughout much of the world.   Granite often has a high silica content and is found with a variety of metal oxides, giving a wide range of aesthics. Granite stones are commonly used building material in architectural and facade… Read More »Granite stone

Rubble stone masonry

The photo below shows an example of a rubble stone masonry wall.   This wall is actually made from recycled broken pieces of concrete. You can see the gray areas of cement and the darker small stones inside of the cement. The darker granite stones work… Read More »Rubble stone masonry