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Granite Stone: Types, Uses, and Benefits | IDS-DMV

Why IDS-DMV recommends granite stone for your next renovation

Granite stone is an igneous rock, found throughout much of the world.   Granite often has a high silica content and is found with a variety of metal oxides, giving a wide range of aesthics.

Granite stones are commonly used building material in architectural and facade and masonry construction.

Granite Stone front stoop

Granite Stone front stoop, broken by a tensile strength fracture at the guardrail mounting points

In the image below you can see another type of granite stone sued as a vertical facade cladding.  This is an example of polished granite stone.

Polished granite stone cladding.Polished granite stone cladding

Granite stone is hard and durable. Polished granite slab surfaces are often used for countertops and work surfaces.   Several types of granite stones are known for ease of cutting through water jet and zirconium blade cutting.  Nonetheless granite has significant compressive strength and can be extremely difficult to break with hydraulic or pneumatic demolition hammers.

A picture of granite stone in a routine wall follows below.

granite stone



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