4 Things to Look For in A Quality Masonry Contractor

mason contractorMasonry is one of the oldest professions that dates to prehistoric times. Historically, the basic job of masons was to create beautiful and sturdy structures such as walls, fences, walkways, etc. Nowadays masons use concrete, concrete blocks, natural stone, or bricks to make versatile structures such as patios, fireplaces, chimneys, and brick walls, etc. This article is a complete guide to choosing a quality masonry contractor. So read on.

1.  Ask For References

  • Before choosing a contractor, ask them to provide you with a couple of references from previous clients. Talk to them and ask them different questions about their team’s credibility and work ethics. A contractor with a good track record will not shy from sharing the contact information of previously satisfied customers.

Talking to former unbiased clients is one of the best ways to judge the masonry contractor’s credibility.

2. Ask Questions and Share Your Apprehensions

  • Whether the project is big or small, complex or simple, you are hiring the company to outsource the brickwork. Since brickwork is not your area of expertise, you will have lots of questions about it. Clarify all your queries about the process, what materials will be used and how the work will be carried out.

An experienced contractor should know how to explain the process to a layman and satisfy the queries of the client. Following is a list of important questions to ask a mason before taking him on board:

  • Who will manage the project?
  • What portion of the work will be outsourced to subcontractors?
  • If it’s masonry restoration and renovation work, will the brickwork match the overall theme of the design?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have accreditations and licenses?
  • What is your contractual process?
  • Do you offer services for cleaning the mess after the project is finished?

3) Interview Multiple Candidates

The best way to choose the perfect masonry contractor is by broadening your circle of candidates to choose from. If you are hiring for a large-scale project, then make it an open bid process so multiple contractors can submit their bids. Interview all suitable candidates and don’t make your decision based on cost solely. Some contractors may offer good prices but their work may be below par.

  • Interview different candidates and evaluate which candidate can offer the best value for money. Having a wider pool of candidates to select from gives you more control over selecting the best contractor. While interviewing them, ask them questions about their customer service. Their quality of work can be gauged from the customer service they offer. If you find their customer service to be below par, move on to another contractor.

4. Verify the Credentials With The Better Business Bureau

Trust in Business Relationship, Trusted PartnerBetter Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that vets the credibility of different businesses on the basis of specific criteria. They can give you an unbiased view of the masonry contractor under consideration. Vetting the contractor through BBB is a fast and surefire way of determining their credibility by finding out whether any complaints have been filed against them or not.

  • If you see some complaint against the contractor, ask for justification of the complaints. If the contracting company can satisfy you, then you may proceed with the same contractor.

To get a good quality masonry contractor, vet the individual or the company on the basis of the above-mentioned parameters. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced mason contractor in Washington, DC, contact Infinity Design Solutions. We offer tuckpointing, hardscaping, carpentry, and multiple other services. For more information, call us at (202) 629-3692​.