4 Telltale Signs That Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Common signs that tell a flat roof needs replacement

Roof replacement is a task no one wants to think about, however, if small issues are not addressed on time roof replacement becomes inevitable. It is important to conduct a thorough roof inspection once or twice a year to look for signs of damage. Here are a few warning signs that indicate your flat roof needs to be replaced.

Damaged Flashing

  • The material positioned around protruding objects such as roof vents and chimneys is referred to as flashing. The purpose of flashing is to direct the water movement away from the seams and the roof in general. Pieces of impenetrable material such as galvanized steel and aluminum are commonly used for making flashings.

When the caulking materials under the flashing dries out, the flashing gets damaged. Sometimes the caulking material undergoes deterioration caused by oxidation and harsh weather.

Loose Flashing

  • Loose flashings are another frequent problem because they cause the leaked water to seep inside your ceiling and walls. Moisture provides a breeding environment for mold and mildew thus causing irreparable and widespread damage to wood and the roof as a whole.

Impacts Of Weather

  • Changes in weather and temperature also cause roofs with asphalt material to contract and expand. Flashings can detach from the edges and corners of the roof when this expansion and contraction goes on for a long time.

As a result of damaged flashings, moisture and leaks remain trapped on the ceiling. If this issue is not addressed quickly, roof replacement becomes inevitable.

Adhesion Failure

  • Another warning sign that indicates your flat roof needs to be replaced is the appearance of bubbles and blisters in the roof. These defects are caused by adhesion failure at the spots where water or air is trapped.

Blistering and bubbling can be repaired given that it’s detected on time. However, when the issues are left unaddressed for long the damage becomes irreparable requiring roof replacement.

Hole In The Roof

flat roof needs replacement

  • In worst cases, the blisters can pop up causing a hole in the flat roof. Poor ventilation, poor insulation, and defects in roof installment typically give rise to this issue. This is because excess moisture is left on the roof which causes the bubbles to pop.

Exposed Timbers

  • Exposed timber, the appearance of cracks, and tears are some other danger signs that can be detected by the untrained. When a crack or split in the roof is left untreated for too long the plyboard will absorb all the water and turn to mush. This results in the appearance of uneven surfaces on the flat roof thereby making it unsafe to walk.

When this happens the risk of damage to other parts of the roof becomes double. Sometimes the splits and cracks spread across the entire roof surface making the roof replacement unavoidable. Contact a professional as soon as you detect any of these danger signs.

Damaged Roof Coatings

  • Another important telltale sign of flat roof damage is a constant fluttering sound coming from the roof during windy conditions. This happens when the top coating is severely damaged. The fluttering panels will expose the roofing materials to further damage whenever it rain or snows. If you choose to overlook this issue your roof will fail and you will need to have your flat roof system replaced.

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