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Windows in Washington, DC

In addition to the many services offered by our general contracting company for exterior repair and construction, we also offer services for minor window repair and window replacement in Washington, DC

windowin washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

The main services related to windows are:​

  • Historic Compliant New Windows
  • Window Repair and Restoration
  • Window Egress Compliance

Historic Compliant New Windows in Washington, DC

Many of the historic buildings of Washington, DC are classified as historic buildings. In cases, where the historic aesthetic is of concern or where the historic classification of the neighborhood requires approved historic compliance, we can help.

We can custom measure, order and install the highest quality historic windows allowable by Washington, DC. In most cases, historic compliant windows will be clad with aluminum on the outside of the building and wood on the inside of the building.

We can offer options for true divided light, and low energy gas insulated window panels.

The adjacent photo shows a kitchen our company renovated, in this particular kitchen all of the windows had been rotten and deteriorated from improper installation by a previous general contractor in Washington, DC.

We field measured and installed the new windows with proper opening flashing for a framed wall assembly.

The new window layout allowed for a significant increase in natural light in the kitchen space. These particular windows are casement style windows, but new windows are available in a variety of common options such as double hung and slider configurations. 

Reframing to add new windows to kitchen
Window Repair and Restoration in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Window Repair and Restoration in Washington, DC

Not all deteriorated or wheather damaged windows can be repaired or refurbished, but there are often options. We will give you our best opinion or whether it makes better sense in the long term to restore or replace your windows. In many cases it is simpler to replace windows, but we will give your our best opinion on options. ​

historic windows in washington, by Infinity design solutions

In many cases, rebuilt openings and/or restored or new windows can make a historic building facade look much better and do an incredible better job to keep the weather out of an old building.

​It isn’t always easy but we have professional methods to reach the hard to reach places, as options. In DC, permitting can complicate the proper use of equipment, but we prefer to do things right!

window restoration in washington, DC by Infinity designer solutions

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