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Ironwork, Metal Restoration, Welding, and Steel Fabrication in Washington, DC

Whether it is ornamental light metal work, security doors or windows, yard fencing, handrails, guardrails, or even structural steel, Infinity Design Solutions can help. We have the resources, knowledge and skills to help with both fabrication, installation, and design.

Unlike other general contractors, our team is multidisciplinary and can offer a one stop solution where steel or ironwork is interconnected with masonry repair work, where steel is embedded or the deterioration of ferrous metals has led to expansion and damage to concrete or masonry. Similarly, in situations where masonry has begun to fail because of lack of stabilization to resist lateral deflection, we can help provide solutions using structural steel implementations.

Infinity Design Solutions provides services in the areas of ironwork including the following list, and many more:

  • Ornamental Ironwork and Security Bars
  • Gates, fencing and handrails
  • Structural Steel
iron roof beams n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Iron work and steel elements in exterior environments require upkeep and maintenance and routine re-coating and repainting. In order to stay on top of required maintenance it is good to have a relationship with a reliable and experienced general contractor in Washington, DC.

welder n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
iron gate n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Ornamental Ironwork and Security Bars in Washington, DC

Ornamental Ironwork can be custom created in classical, historic, contemporary, or modern styles. In the historic buildings of Washington DC, many historic buildings do not meet modern requirements for egress and escape to qualify for occupancy when buildings are being converted or renovated. Many of these issues relate to egress at security doors and security bars, Infinity Design Solutions can provide you with design solutions that will pass inspections and maintain your preferred style. For example, single cylinder locks are required in many cases, but many homes in our city, for years, have relied on double cylinder locks. When the locks are changed to allow for egress, the security functions can be defeated, and vice versa. As an alternative to compromising security to allow for egress, we can build guards or screens to custom fit the configuration and allow for elements of Code required egress and still maintain a high degree of security. An example of classic rolled ironwork follows.

Gates, Fencing and Handrails in Washington, DC

Ornamental ironwork, gates, fencing, and handrails can be built in classic historic, modern, or contemporary styles. Virtually all options are available to our customers in Washington, DC as we have experience in all three styles of ironwork.

iornworks in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
iornworks n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
iornworks n washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Infinity Design Solutions has created custom cast iron elements in Washington, DC for fencing in balustrade finials, terminations volutes, treads and decorative elements ironwork. Commonly when occupancy and layout of buildings or modified, new external stairways are used to provide access and egress from the building at differing locations.

In order to preserve the historic elements of Washington, DC iron work, Infinity Design Solutions can refurbish existing default and damaged stairways and handrail components. In the image below you can see an example of a cast iron handrail which our team rebuilt and refurbished.

iorn banister repaired in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
iorn stairs in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions
structural steel in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

Structural Steel in Washington, DC

Structural Steel by Infinity Design Solutions can consist of several services and materials, including but not limited to: structural beams, posts, columns, headers, purlins, shear resistance support elements, moment connections. We are experienced in superstructure and facade elements, as well as steel embed assembly and placement to support adjacent structures. Our team is multidisciplinary and work with you to provide a combination of structural steel installation and placement as well as rebuild or refinish associated masonry work.​

The image below shows a large building construction using structural steel beams to transfer load path to masonry and also steel headers to span openings in the structural facade.

structural facade in washington, Dc by infinity design solutions

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We would be glad to be your General Contractor of choice for all your flat roofing, masonry, carpentry, ironwork, building interiors, windows, and design services.