5 Important Maintenance Tips for Flat Roofs


It is incredibly important to ensure that your flat roof is properly maintained. Lack of maintenance can damage the property and harm the people under the roof. Although flat roofs are designed to last, you need to put some work into maintaining them to keep them in good condition. Here are some maintenance tips.

Keep Your Flat Roofs Clean

  • The most important aspect of increasing the lifespan and durability of the flat roof is keeping it clean. A surprisingly great amount of debris can blow onto your roof with the strong winds. Fallen leaves, branches, and debris from trees end up collecting on the flat roofs until you make an effort to remove them.

These gathered twigs, branches, and trash can add up fast and is responsible for putting unnecessary strain on the flat roof. Moreover, when it rains the same debris accumulates in the gutters. The resulting gutter blockage will affect your drainage system thereby leading to puddles of water on the roof.

Trim The Trees

  • Make sure to regularly prune any trees near your house or building. To keep branches from falling on your flat roof, it is best to trim back the trees at least 1 meter away from the roof.

Clean Gutters

  • Remove any debris from the gutters that may be blocking them. Perform inspection checks regularly especially during rainy seasons to ensure there is no hindrance to the flow of water.

Frequent Flat Roof Inspections

  • If you want to keep your flat roofs in a good condition, regular inspection and upkeep are the keys. This is especially important after a wind or rainstorm. Climb up your roof and see if the storm has left visible damage on the roof.

Hiring a roofer for a professional roofing inspection at least once a year is a smart move that goes a long way in keeping your flat roof intact. A professional will be able to conduct a complete and thorough evaluation to detect and address any issues before they get worse.

Beware Of The Winters

  • Plummeting temperatures and snapping frost is likely to cause torn felting, pooling water, or hail damage. These sorts of damages are often visible to the naked eye. It is therefore wise to conduct thorough inspections and look for the signs of damage.

Apply Sealant Recoating

  • Another important tip for the maintenance of flat roofs is to apply sealant recoating when your roof may start to fade or small cracks appear. A good quality sealant is useful in patching up tiny cracks and tears.

Furthermore regular recoating will keep the cracks from getting any larger. Recoating will keep the strength and integrity of your roof intact as the years and seasons go by.

Prevent Water From Collecting On Your Roof

  • Pooling water is perhaps the biggest factor responsible for jeopardizing the longevity of the flat roof. When pooling water stays on your roof for long it will affect the integrity of the flat roof. If this issue is not promptly addressed it may lead to the formation of cracks and leaks over time.

As mentioned earlier, blockage in the drainage system causes the water to collect on the roof instead of directing it away from the roof. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your gutters and drains are clean all the time.

Call In The Pros

Sometimes when the drains are clear, water still pools on the roof. This happens when your flat roofs are not leveled properly. Water is supposed to drain off the roof smoothly however when it doesn’t call a roofing expert for a thorough inspection.

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