5 Hard-To-Miss Signs of Worn Out Windows

What are the top signs of worn out windows? Here’s what the pros say

Windows offer ventilation, help save energy, reduce noise, keep your space safe, and give an aesthetic look to your house. If the windows in your house are not doing one or more of these jobs, it’s time to replace them. It’s easier to overlook window replacement until it becomes completely necessary. We have explained 5 signs that indicate it’s time to replace the old windows.

worn out windows

Drafty Windows

  • Drafty windows can cause controlled air to escape out while allowing the outside air to drift in. If you feel the breeze while standing next to the window there is likely a leak around your window. Pockets of hot or cold air and higher energy bills are other indicators of drafty windows. Drafts allow the hot and cold air to leak out thereby, pushing the appliances to work harder. 

The presence of leaks can be confirmed by burning incense. The moving smoke will indicate a leak in the window. Repairing the drafty windows will result in stable temperatures and lower electricity bills.

Condensation Between The Glass Panes

  • Condensation inside and outside of the window generally indicates that your windows are efficient and working properly. However, if condensation occurs between the glass panes it indicates that the window seal has failed. The problem can be avoided or solved with window replacement or repair. 

Whether the windows need to be replaced or repaired, depends on the damage and condition of the window. Schedule a consultation with a window specialist if you notice condensation between the glass panes of the window.

Rising Heating & Cooling Costs

  • Worn out, improperly sealed, leaky, and old windows can have a significant impact on the energy bills. Faulty windows cause the HVAC systems to run overtime to compensate for the air that constantly escapes out of the drafty windows. When appliances work more than they need to they utilize more energy. This increases the utility bills by 10 to 25%. 

The cost of energy bills can be reduced by installing energy-efficient replacement windows. Contact a glass and window specialist before purchasing new windows. A specialist can help you select the windows according to your home’s specific needs.

Poor Curb Appeal or Outdated Style

  • Windows with out-of-style grille patterns and outdated colors miss the mark when it comes to aesthetics. Windows not only aid in maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the house, but they are also a great way to improve the curb appeal of the house. When matched with the aesthetics of the house, windows can add a timeless, trendy, and modern element to your house.

Determining the right style, size, color of replacement windows can have a big impact on the appearance of your house. When undertaking a home remodel switch to modern and energy-efficient windows.

Windows Are Difficult To Operate

  • Windows are exposed to harsh elements outside and as time goes by they begin to settle and age. As a result, it becomes hard to operate them. When windows do not operate as intended and become difficult to open, close, and lock, it’s time to consider window replacement.

Windows should be quick and easy to operate, however, when that’s not the case have them replaced with the modern version. Well-functioning modern windows can conveniently slide and tilt for efficient ventilation and easier cleaning.

If you are experiencing any of these issues and are ready to talk about your window replacement project, give us a call at (202) 629-3692. Our consultants at Infinity Design Solutions will give you their best opinion. We offer window repair and restoration services in Washington, DC.