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Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

Bat closers

To make the a patterned bond fit within the constraints of a building assembly space, masons use brick closer or brick bats.   Bat closers are very common, they are essentially bricks that have been cut in half. Quarter closers, on the other hand, are less common… Read More »Bat closers

Boom lift

A boom lift is a Crane or hoist that lifts things up and can can relocate them. The boom itself is the horizontal arm that protrudes or sticks out to give leverage and soon leverage and space when lifting. The boom allows a greater distance… Read More »Boom lift

Broom finish, concrete

A photo follows below of a cast in place concrete slab, installed in Washington DC. The photo was taken at the time of application of the broom finish while the concrete was still “green” and not yet fully cured.  The perimeter formboards and stakes are… Read More »Broom finish, concrete