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Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

Acoustical Sealants

Acoustical sealants are flexible materials, applied in a Liquid form between desperate building materials such as at the sole plate of walls where sound sound would otherwise have a more direct passage through partitions. A picture of one type of acoustical sealing follows below for… Read More »Acoustical Sealants

Aggregate or crushed stone

Aggregate or crushed stone is used in a multitude of different types of building applications. For example, under the majority of concrete flat work, crushed stone or aggregate will be installed as a  as a preparatory bedding. That underlying or substrate bedding allows for better… Read More »Aggregate or crushed stone

Asphalt paving

Asphalt is similar to concrete, both materials are largely comprised of aggregate, sand, and a cohesive binder. In the case of concrete, the binder is cement. By comparison though, in the case of asphalt the binder is a petroleum-based type of material bitumen material similar… Read More »Asphalt paving