Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes are similiar to many other types of cranes in the way that they lift and move heavy things.   The big difference between a gantry crane and a typical crane is that a gantry train is a stationary. Other cranes such as tower cranes… Read More »Gantry cranes

Glass curtain wall

In the image below you can see an example of a glass curtain wall. The glass curtain wall is a building facade which functions as a screen wall and exterior partition.

Granite stone

Granite stone is an igneous rock, found throughout much of the world.   Granite often has a high silica content and is found with a variety of metal oxides, giving a wide range of aesthics. Granite stones are commonly used building material in architectural and facade… Read More »Granite stone

Green roofs

Green roofs are somewhat uncommon but increasing in popularity over time.  Obviously, a green roof has environmental benefits and some municipalities provide incentives such as tax credits to partially offset the cost.  A green roof requires additional infrastructure be built into the roofing membrane, a… Read More »Green roofs

Green walls

Green walls are exterior building facade elements with framework or screens attached to the facade or installed in front of the facade.  Manicure or trained vegetation, incorporated into building rooftops and terraces are considered desirable and generally soften the hard landscape of building assemblies and… Read More »Green walls