Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

Header failure

Header failure is the partial or full collapse or deterioration of a door, window, or opening in a masonry wall. Masonry deteriorates over time as a result of hydration, exposure to elements, and is negatuvely affected by freeze – thaw cycles and weather conditions.   The… Read More »Header failure

Hip roof

Hip roofs can be a gradual relatively low slope or high slope roofs. In the image below you can see an example of a hipped steeple roof roof with a Joe Carmen slate tile as the roofing shingle material.

Homopolymers and heteropolymers

Many of the materials used in modern vapor barriers, membranes, adhesives and sealants are made with homopolymers and heteropolymers.  There are naturally occurring homopolymers and heteropolymers; however, the majority used in modern building construction are synthetic.