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Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

Packaged AC Units

Packaged AC units are one type of HVAC equipment system configuration.   Packaged AC units are different than other systems inother systems in that package systems include the air handler, condenser, evaporator and heat pump all-in-one contained unit. These students offer good solutions for what Washington… Read More »Packaged AC Units

Parapet walls

Parapets are short walls above a rooftop.  There are a few good reasons why parapets walls are used. The roof membrane generally is required to be installed up the parapet wall and often terminsted with a roof coping. There are a few good reasons why… Read More »Parapet walls

Pile Driver

A pile driver is used to drill or auger or horizontally displace  Earth latterly in a deep hole in the ground where concrete or similar high strength caissons or piles are installed to support building foundations. The image below shows an example of a Caterpillar… Read More »Pile Driver

Plank Ladder Scaffolds

Plank ladder scaffolds are one of the many numerous ways to access building facades for repair and maintenance work.  This is one of the lightest options, but it is also one of the most restrictive methods. Some common alternative options include the following vertical access… Read More »Plank Ladder Scaffolds