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Scam pointing

Scam pointing is a serious problem, created by low cost or poorly trained masonry contractors (sometimes not just misinformed but also intentionally misleading) in Washington DC. One of the biggest problems with scam pointing is not only that it can cause further damage to the bricks by applying mortar that is incompatible with the remainder of the existing residual moisture, but it also covers up voids that remain active points of water entry.

The two pictures below show examples of scam pointing where the thin layer of mortar applied to the surface of the joint peels right off without application of force or pressure, that that thin application of mortar is not compatible with the substrate and allows allows water to find its way around the fake application on the surface and into the core core of the brick wall.

An example of scam pointing found in Washington DC

An example of scam pointing found in Washington DC

These examples of scam pointing are also examples of material delamination. Because of the improper proper material used in the scam pointing, the the new mortar did not have proper cohesion to the substrate and therefore delaminated away from the substrate.