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Green Walls – Transform Your Space with Vertical Gardens

Explore the beauty of green walls – Your next home improvement project

Green walls are exterior building facade elements with framework or screens attached to the facade or installed in front of the facade.  Manicure or trained vegetation, incorporated into building rooftops and terraces are considered desirable and generally soften the hard landscape of building assemblies and the built environment.  Cities without greenery tend to have an undesirable feel like the “concrete jungle” described by Desmond Morris in 1969.

Climbing ivy similiarly can soften the hard feel of masonry and concrete building assemblies; however, in contrast green walls are build with guiding frames or lead cables to train the vegetation.

The adjacent image shows a green wall with a climbing or creeping vine.

Green walls with a climbing or creeping vine

In the photo below, you can see another example of a green wall on a large urban commercial building.  These trained vines also are grown on a metal frame, supported away from the building facade.

Green walls



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