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Cobblestone Paving: Timeless Elegance

Why cobblestone paving is the ultimate choice for timeless elegance

Cobblestone paving is one of the few types of historically accurate stone masonry paving prior to the 20th century. The photo below shows an example of a cobblestone paved area between the sidewalk and the public street in Washington DC.  Cobblestone paving has some degree of permeability. In the case of the picture below the area of paving is filled between stones with a crusher run, a small stone mixture of stone dust and fine stone fragments, instead of grout or cementitious mortar.  The stone in this example is laid in a header position.

Cobblestone paving

The picture below shows another example of granite cobbles. However in this case, the planet cobbles are laid in a running bond. You can see the significant deflection In the plainer face or form or shape of the paving. In this case the stone paving has moved significantly From the tree roots in the planter. In period in this case the uncrowded, ungrounded masonry has allowed flexibility flexibility for the roots to change the planar shape of the masonry without fracture of the masonry assembly.

what is cobblestone paving