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Green Roofs: Benefits, Installation, and Maintenance

Green roof installation demystified – A step-by-step guide

Green roofs are somewhat uncommon but increasing in popularity over time.  Obviously, a green roof has environmental benefits and some municipalities provide incentives such as tax credits to partially offset the cost.  A green roof requires additional infrastructure be built into the roofing membrane, a slip sheet, and or sometimes a stronger framing or structural system below the roof.

Essentially a green roof is just a roof with plants growing on top. Those plants can be separated from the membrane and even set on planters.   That could technically qualify as a green roof. In other cases the larger field area of the roof is is covered with plant growth.

 In the photo collage below you can see images from the 2016 to 2018 redevelopment near Eastern market. Several areas of this building complex had green roofs installed. The project was controversial overall, but the green roofs and courtyard appear to add a nice touch.

green roofs

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