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Squint bricks

Historic masonry architectural details such as squint bricks as classic details that make DC beautiful.  Squint bricks are bricks at the plinth or a base of a wall that have a chamfer on the outer top edge. These same bricks can be used at other locations in the building such as masonry corbelling, cornices and other architectural details. But but overall the difference between these bricks and other bricks is that these bricks are formed or shaped before installation to have a bevel or taper inwards towards the facade of the building.

This taper or bevel at the top outer edge of the bricks allows  for a smooth aesthetic transition between  the plinth or corbled areas and the facade from which the plinth or corbel protrudes.

The bevel or taper also allows allows for moisture and precipitation to drain away instead of pooling on the lip of the protrusion.   Poling water can build-up and seep and infiltrate through masonry mortar joints and brickwork back into the masonry assembly or even into the inner side of a masonry partition.  This particular taper is at an angle of about 22°.



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