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Bracing and Shoring Systems: Ensuring Safety in Temporary Structures | IDS-DMV Encyclopedia

Explore the world of bracing and shoring systems for ultimate safety

Temporary bracing and shoring systems are used to hold historic structural elements in place during adjacent construction.  The photos below show examples of different engineered solutions to brace heavy historic brick masonry walls in place during the restoration and revitalization of an existing building.  In this case, only the facade remains. Even the foundation has been excavated to a new, much lower depth for the installation of pilings.

bracing and shoring systems

basics of bracing and shoring systems

In the photo below, you can see Kentledge ballasts, which have been installed around the perimeter of bracing and shoring systems.   Kentledge ballasts are temporary and useful where outside of the authority having jurisdiction area of permitted construction. Outside of the zone of construction, it’s not practical or permitted to install blind footings or other types of of temporary heavy construction excavations. In such a situation, a Kentledge ballast is heavy enough to offer support yet still transportable and removable.

understanding of bracing and shoring systems

The pictures below show a building under construction in Northwest Washington, DC. The steel I-beam structure outside the building is in place as a temporary support system. Once internal construction is complete, the external shoring system will be removed.

what are bracing and shoring systems

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