ClickCease Builder's sand is used in a variety of applications in almost every type of building
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Choosing the Right Builder’s Sand: Expert Insights

Explore the best builder’s sand near you – A comprehensive guide!

Builder’s sand is used in a variety of applications in almost every type of building and is very similar to beach sand, with two main differences:

1. Builder’s sand generally has coarser elements mixed in with some finer sand granules as well.

2. Builder’s sand has a low salt content.  The higher salt content associated with beach sand can be bad for a variety of uses in building construction.

A photograph of one type of Builder’s sand follows below for reference.

builder's sand

Sand has a great variety of uses in building construction.

1. BALLAST.  Sand is often used as a ballast for polyvinyl kentledge containers and jersey barriers.

2. PIPE BEDDING.  In most cases, underground pipes cannot just be buried in regular dirt, to protect the pipe, most pipes are required to be bedded in sand on crushed stone.

3. MORTAR AGGREGATE. Mortars need sand as a medium.  Although Portland and limes, for example are binders, they require sand to fill and constituent volumes in applications of mortar.

4. CONCRETE AGGREGATE. Similar to mortar, concrete requires sand to work as an aggregate between crushed stone aggregate.

A picture of a later color builder sand follows below for a reference.

Aggregates such as sand are generally bulk loaded and managed on jobsites.   It is more common to find these types of sands for building construction on job sites moved with large construction machinery and trucks. Sand can also often be bought for small use from a consumer type store in sacks.

A picture of typical beach sand follows below. The beach in the picture below is typical of many beaches throughout the world that are covered in sand. This sand occurs naturally and it is great for relaxing on the beach but generally not good for building construction.

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