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Plank Ladder Scaffolds: Essential Tools for Construction

Why plank ladder scaffolds are a must-have for builders

Plank ladder scaffolds are one of the numerous ways to access building facades for repair and maintenance work. This is one of the lightest options, but it is also one of the most restrictive methods.

plank ladder scaffolds

Some common alternative options include the following vertical access methods:

1. Articulating basket lifts (also known as snorkel lifts).

2. Scissor lifts.

3. Boom lifts.

4. Botswain chairs.

5. Suspended cable scaffolds (also known as swing stages)

6. Extension ladders

7. Bakers scaffolds

8. Masonry scaffolds

Every building configuration is somewhat unique and every scope of work has unique requirements.   The configuration of the sute and building and the nature of the maintenance repairs will determine the best method.  In all cases though, safety should be the driving priority, so always leave this type of work to licensed professional contractors.

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