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Encyclopedia of Historic Masonry Restoration

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Romeo and Juliet balcony

In Shakespeare’s classic play, Romeo and Juliet, he may have never used the word “balcony”; however,  In modern times, in architecture, we referred to a standing room only balcony as a Romeo and Juliet balcony. In the image below you can see an example of… Read More »Romeo and Juliet balcony

Romex and NM cabling

Romex cabling in line voltage wiring with both a hot and neutral conductor with an integral ground wire.  The conductors are insulated and sheathed in a nonconductive plastic casing.

Rooftop HVAC equipment

Rooftop HVAC equipment is common on historic buildings in Washington, DC.   In many cases, installing the mechanical equipment on the rooftop makes it easier to install the air distribution system on the interior of the house. For example in the case of the image below,… Read More »Rooftop HVAC equipment

Rootop equipment plants

Commercial flat rooftops, also more accurately referred to as low slope roofs, are often used as functional areas for mounting and installing equipment.   The type of rooftop equipment installed on rooftops can range from HVAC units, condensers, cooling towers, modulated chillers, generators, exhaust fans, et… Read More »Rootop equipment plants