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Trash Dumpsters: Smart Solutions for Construction Waste | IDS-DMV

Why trash dumpsters are essential for efficient construction projects!

Medium to large size construction sites will often used from one up to several trash dumpsters to temporarily store and aggregated trash created from the construction work.

An image of a trash dumpsters follows for reference.

trash dumpsters

Trash dumpsters, for construction sites, are available in a range of sizes this is. The most common sizes are 10 yd³, 20 yd³, and 40 yd³. Very heavy materials such as demolished concrete or excavation spoils can only be stored and tranferred in small containers.    The weight of larger dumpsters will dumpsters will be in excess of in excess of allowable limits for heavy materials of this type.

Disposed materials such as demolished concrete end or excavated spoils will often be required to be separated from regular construction trash and taken to special transfer or disposal sites where they can be recycled.

Dumpsters are generally made from steel sheets, often 3/16″ thick, welded with corrugated or bent elements in the panels to add rigidity. The dumpsters containers themselves are comparatively lightweight, compared to their load capacity.  Dumpsters for construction are designed to be pulled with a cable or jack to be loaded onto roll-off trucks.

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